Jaimie Leigh Lyon
Giggle CanyonDesert Meditations Open Range of EmotionsNederland WonderlandChasing waterfalls in the Northern TerritoryOnenessBig StickThe 2.5 mile hike that turned into 12 milesIt took one day for me to fall deeperThe mountains bring us closerThe secret, blue grottoIndian PeakRegenerationNew DreamlandStar gazer, day dream believerNo matter what happens, we can always meet in our dreamsSouthwest MeditationsRed PineBack to InspirationLetting Go Full moons at Ledge, San Juan River, UTChimney RockDream Catch MeUnity Simple terms: AftermathVital FireIt's tradition on Engineer Mountain...Building CommunityHandalaDestructive by Nature
Post-Undergraduate Work
"Out of the slumber, and into the wonder..."

The elements of profound personal growth, reflection, and endless hours in the wilderness have helped to surface a reminder of what I hold dear. Through delicate conversations and wild experiences, theories on what it means to live, creation of the future and relationships have echoed in my psyche. Consequently, these deep concepts have shaped my artistic process, my lifestyle and my high hopes for humanity. After many hours of careful contemplation, the underlying themes of awakening and simplicity continue to connect all these seemingly separate ideas. Awakening in the sense of what it means to awaken to our dreams instead of from our dreams. Simplicity in terms of what we need to feel fulfilled, and the avenues we chose to walk (or not walk) to seek it.