Jaimie Leigh Lyon

I am who I am unapologetically,
with room to grow.

I am allowed to take up space.

By choosing to embrace myself fully, I am choosing to be vulnerable
and to navigate my personal wilderness, no one else's.

My path is mine, and I am a plural being who holds multiple truths
with the power to see multiple perspectives.

By letting go of the past, and control, I free up more energy to simply be,
in the "here and now."

When my reasoning mind takes over, my perception of reality becomes
narrowed by a single interpretation.

Other people's opinions are their opinions and I don't have control over
those either.

I give myself permission to do what it takes to maintain my balance
and care for myself - whatever that looks like.

So if the rules suck, I'll create my own, for creating, in all of its glorious
forms, is my medicine and a meaningful way to communicate.

-Jaimie Leigh Lyon
March 7, 2018