Jaimie Leigh Lyon
Blind Portraiture Energy.Growth comes in many ways2 Sexy. Birds.Two sides to uncertaintySublimation Pride in no labelsRocky Mountain High at Sea-levelI love a homemade homeware Mathilda Internal family systems Ethics QuiltA rose by any other name, would still smell as sweetAnxietyIn communityInfluenced by the MoonMetamorphosis That patternBodiesSpectrums all my ownThe body keeps the scoreFeed the excitement, starve the fearGelli ImprintsTo enter an unknown door, and find the universe

Part TwoTo enter an unknown door, and find the universe

Part OneA warm space, created together. Paul Times with San Juan I have so many questionsSay yes to people's choices, say yes to your choicesIntersectionality Universally speaking UntitledI choose how the tree looksPerfectionist playing cards
Graduate School - Art Therapy
When the pressure to create art that fit a developed concept was removed, my artwork became much more raw and authentic. Additionally, this new approach to making art became an enjoyable process of self-discovery.

These works have been created while in a graduate program for art therapy in Seattle, Washington.